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April 4, 2016
by MaxIFerrell
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Countries Where People Love Chocolate the Most

Europe consumes about 50% of cocoa produced in the world. Ivory Coast and Ghana on the other hand, are the leading producers. The bean to bar process of making chocolate starts by growing, followed by fermenting and drying of the beans. The last process is manufacturing; this process involves primary and secondary manufacturing where sorting, cleaning and finally mixing cocoa with milk and sugar is done.

Some of the famous personalities recognized for making bean to bar chocolate in New York include; Cacao Prieto, Daniel Sklaar, Cecelia Tessieri and the Mast Brothers. Valentine’s Day is recognized as the chocolate love day. On this day, about $19 billion worth of chocolate is sold in the US alone. In 2015, American’s purchased 8.6 lbs of chocolate per person.

The top 5 leading consumers of chocolate in the world in 2015:
The Swiss are world renowned for their skills in making premium chocolate. The two leading confectionery companies in Switzerland are Nestle and Lindt. The country’s consumption rate stood at 18.1 lbs per person in 2015.

In 2015, Germans consumed 16.3 lbs of chocolate per person. A special type of milk chocolate called Alpenmilch-Schokolade from the Alps is one of German’s favorite.

Austrians consumed 15.7 lbs of chocolate per individual in 2015. The Mozartkugel, named after famous composer Mozart is one of the country’s favorite chocolate treat.

The Irish purchased 15.1 lbs of chocolate per person in 2015. Most Irish shop for their chocolate at various supermarkets including the Tesco chain.

United Kingdom
People in the UK purchased 14.6 lbs of chocolate per person in 2015. Cadbury has been at the forefront of producing, blending and marketing Chocolate since the 1800’s.

Brand Names
Some of the leading brands of chocolate bar brands in the UK and the world include Bournville, Kit Kat, Mars Bar, Snicker and Yorkie. It is very interesting to know how some of these names came about. First, Bournville a product of Cadbury Dairy Milk was launched in 1908. The product is named after the factory location in Birmingham. The name Kit Kat was first coined in 1937 after the Kit Kat factory began producing Kit Kat Chocolate Crisp. Others believe the name originated from the famous Kit Kat Club, jazz club in London. The Yorkie bars were first sold in the UK in 1976. The name is a reference to the City of York.

November 23, 2015
by MaxIFerrell
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Why Polystyrene is More Eco-Friendly than Paper

Polystyrene foam is an unsung hero and modern-day miracle in the world of biodegradable materials because 98% of polystyrene foam is made up of air, making it a much more efficient way to use our precious and limited earthly resources.

From superlight, scratch resistant and economical shipping material (even more so than bubble wrap) to commercial and residential wall insulation, roofing membranes, insulation, pipe covers, vapor barriers, crack suppressant membranes, noise free-flooring under wood floors and carpeting and is even used as an cost effective filler in beanbag chairs, polystyrene foam is waterproof and protects against even the most extreme temperatures and noise.

Since polystyrene foam is highly recyclable—making propositions for a foam ban in Louisiana seem ridiculous– it is a much more cost effective material for home insulation and, while you would have to dispose of fiberglass home insulation, which is often more expensive, polystyrene foam insulation can be recycled at your local landfill, allowing you to make cash from your latest home renovation. Even fishing villages are known to use polystyrene foam as artificial reefs, allowing them to attract schools of fish, making fishing a more predictable alternative as a sustainable food source.

Some people argue that polystyrene insulation is not very safe, yet, it is safe and is always mixed with a flame retardant agent for additional safety.

Recycling polystyrene foam is extremely cost-effective, eco-friendly and easily degradable when mixed with an organic citrus peel extract called limonene, which can reduce the size of each piece of Polystyrene foam to 1/20 its previous size. If you are looking for a way to recycle polystyrene or searching for a facility in your city to recycle the biodegradable material, you can easily locate your nearest recycling plant on Earth911.com.

Personally, I believe that polystyrene foam is a wonder material, because it can be made for essentially zero cost. Think about it: 1 gallon of petroleum can make enough foam to fill an average sized room from top to bottom. If you were to fill a room with an equal amount of paper, often used in the paper cups that you would typically find at Starbucks, you would have to chop down two trees for an equivalent amount. Every year hundreds, if not thousands of trees are chop down to supply your local Starbucks, while using polystyrene, a portion of petroleum, no larger than the size of a quarter can be stretched to become a cup that can hold 22 ounces of fluid.

With the cost of a quarter gallon of gas, less than a dollar, you can insulate an entire room. Frankly, the only reason that foam isn’t cheaper than it is already is because it is so bulky and difficult to transport, but is a wonderful material nonetheless. Once 3-D printing becomes more prevalent, the home production Polystyrene foam will be possible, thanks to the abundance of petroleum this country produces yearly.

Think about it, you can either chop down one tree for 5,000 Starbucks 22 ounce cups or you could harness the energy of 2 gallons of petroleum and receive a similar result. Which of these alternatives seem to be the more eco-friendly as a whole?

March 14, 2015
by MaxIFerrell
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What To Do With Water Color


Are you artistic and would like to channel your creative side? Are you tired of working with basic colors, crayons and would like to find other medium of art? Or are you stressed out and would like to release all your tension? Whatever your reasons may be, art can definitely get you going.

There are many forms of art but for this article, the focus will be with the use of water colors. Yes, those coloring materials that are used by kindergarten kids to show their imaginative prowess. It is the same materials by other professional artist to deliver a breath taking concept of their thoughts and ideas. And this will be same medium that will be used for this article’s art pieces.

What are water colors and what can you do with them?  Water color is a transparent water-soluble medium which gives a translucent effect on paper that lets light pass through. Usually one would use paper or papyrus in order to get a more beautiful effect in art. An art using water color provides soft color finish with an interesting effect on the paper being used.

Since the other product used in water color is water, when it dries on the paper the tint of the color remains giving a different texture and feel. So what are the things that we can do with the use of water color? Will it be hard to do? Will anyone be able to this? What materials would you need? First off, you can create greeting cards with the use of water color. Tap on your creativity and make greeting cards for your family and friends. Use bright colors to create a vibrant design.

Palette.If making a card is too big for you, try making those cute little gift tags. Surely those small squares can definitely make you feel comfortable splashing colors on your palette. You can even draw cute smileys and icons to keep it personalized depending on who you’re giving it to. Do you any extra nail polish in the house that you have not used? Well, this may not be water color yet it gives the same effect. Pick up an old mug from the cabinet and dab colors onto it.

Place your name or to the person you’re giving it to so that they will feel loved. Are you workaholic but would like to take a break from your usual work and have a dash of art? Why not make Desk Calendar with Water Color. That’s right. Print out a calendar and pick up your water color and paint different colors in every month. Pick a color that best suit the month to make it unique. Your office mates will surely envy your style. And if you can’t get enough with painting, why not level it up and create your own designed clock to match your calendar.

Do you have a gift that you want to give yet you don’t want to use ribbons because it is so conventional? Why not water color dye those paper strings and use it to tie your gifts. It is not only unique but also creative as well.If you’re bored at home and there is a party coming up, why not create a water color bunting. Cut out squares or triangles and paint in stripes using the color of the celebrant’s choice. Surely the celebrant will be happy seeing your creation and effort in making their party unique.

There are still a lot of things that you can do if you just put your mind in to it. May it be random things such as work objects or house items, you can always tap in a bit of art in everything that you do.